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Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting My Healthy On With Strawberry Fields Natural Food Store

Sometimes, I forget how I look to the outside world. Remember the last time I was at Strawberry Fields Natural Food Store? My bad.

With a new year's resolution to eat healthier, I went back to Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Fields consistently offers healthy options for all diets. 
Gluten free? Got ya covered. 
Vegan? Got ya covered. 
Vegetarian? Got ya covered. 
Everything in between? Got ya covered.
 I was in a rush and didn't seek out the manager to explain why I would be taking photographs. I didn't stop to think that it might appear odd to find a woman hunched over the produce, taking pictures of the goods. 
It didn't help that I was repeating, "bok choy, bok chooooooy." I can't explain why, but I love to say, "bok choy." Kind of like saying, "behoove," it is just one of those things that brings me joy to say.

I was pulled from my "bok choy" funfest by an employee. "May I help you?" She was smiling and friendly and didn't show one ounce of "Dude, why are you hovering over the produce, repeating BOK CHOY!? Step away slowly. Do I need to call security?"
I explained that I was taking pictures for my blog and that Strawberry Fields is one of my sponsors. I may or may not have rambled about the joys of saying "bok choy."
Moving from the produce, I swooned over the coffee selections.
Similar to the children's book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, one thing led to another. If you give me produce, I might feel like I need a caffeinated reward. 
If you give me a cup of coffee, I might need a little something sweet on the side. 

 If you give me one cupcake, you might as well give me two.
 My new year's resolution to eat healthier is made possible by Strawberry Fields. If I must eat a cupcake, it is healthier to eat a vegan cupcake, right? I am pretty sure that if you eat bok choy first, the cupcake doesn't count against you. Fact. 


  1. Raising a cup of Java to toast 2014 " Year of the Vegan Cupcake" or 3 even..


    1. Java and 3 cupcakes? 2014 is looking good!

  2. I TOTALLY remember your last trip to Strawberry Fields! While I'm not sure I'm down with bok choy (although saying it is sort of wonderful now that you mention it), I am 100% down with vegan cupcakes. BRING THEM ON!! Strawberry Fields Natural Food Store obviously rocks!! --Lisa

    1. I did not expect vegan cupcakes to be so awesome! Who knew? Thank you so much, Dose Girls!

  3. You absolutely kill me every time!!

  4. Your face while eating the kale is exactly how I feel about it. I keep trying to mix it in a smoothie, but it just ruins a perfectly good smoothie. :/

    1. Kale is a smoothie killer. I'm not drinking anything that is green or has kale chunks. Thanks for sharing it, Kathy!

  5. I loved Strawberry Fields when I lived in Urbana. And this reminded me of their BBQ tofu strips in the cafe section. Oh, I hope they still carry those. I need to visit the next time I'm down there.

    1. That sounds so good! I'll check it out the next time I am there. Thanks, Jean!


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