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Friday, February 28, 2014

Friendship, Telling It Like It Is

I hate the phrase, "Telling it like it is." When someone says they "tell it like it is," I usually assume that means that they are rude and don't care. "I tell it like it is" is usually the follow up to a mean spirited comment. 
But, we all need people in our lives who aren't afraid to "tell it like it is." I happen to have several of those people in my life. I've had a lifelong arrangement with my sisters. I have built friendships with people who- from a place of love *cough cough,* can put me in my place in a hot second. 
I'm In The Powder Room sharing one of my most unflattering moments. A friend may or may not have said, "Stop acting like an a-hole." I may or may not have been acting like an a-hole. Either way, I am grateful for loved ones who "tell it like it is."
How about you? Do you have someone to sound the A-hole Alarm?
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  1. I do have a best friend who after 46 years together can tell me like it is but NEVER in a mean way. She is my rock and go to person always. I do this: I ask myself
    1-does it need to be said
    2-does it need to be said by me
    3- don't say it "mean".

    1. That is perfection. I love that you've been friends for 46 YEARS!


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