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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stand Up To Cancer

Today is World Cancer Day. I am honored to "stand up to cancer" and share some badass women.
A few weeks ago, my soccer league had a party for one of our own- Lara Handsfield of (You can read more about it HERE) It was inspiring and humbling to see so many women who battle on the soccer field take a swing at the cancer pinata. 

My buddy, Wendy Nielsen asked her friends and family to share the names of people they are "standing up for." My moffice-mates were proud to stand up.
Jill Youse is standing up.
 I am standing up.
Anni Poppen is standing up.
 Wendy Nielsen is standing up.
 Who are you standing up for?

When our friend had a melanoma scare, we decided to help in the only way we knew- with humor.


  1. Hi Kerry and partner in crime!!!!

    Had me laughing so hard(and while the hubby is sleeping right beside me!!) I nearly peed myself!!!

    The bloopers were awesome!!! Thanks for the message!!!


    1. My life is one long blooper reel! Thanks, Pam!


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