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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet Team Haiti

"Team Haiti" is home safe and sound. 
The She Said Project started with a simple premise: everyone has a story. Last week, these women not only listened to the stories of Haitian women, they also added a chapter to their own stories.
Today, the 12 women who shared this trip will go back to their lives. As we return to our jobs, homes, and commitments, we will hold Haiti in our hearts. 
Tomorrow, I will share our experiences at the orphanage
But today, I want to share the team with you. 
Some of us are old friends. Some of us are new friends. 
At the orphange, we learned about "forever families." These amazing women will be my "forever friends."



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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Listen To Your Mother, 2014

Even though I now live in Illinois, I will always be an Indiana girl at heart. I was so excited to join the Listen To Your Mother cast in Indianapolis this year.
I didn't know one single person on the cast beforehand. The beauty of the LTYM show is finding the common threads that connect us to each other. By curtain call, I felt like I had found new friends that shared the stage and new connections with the people who filled the theater seats to hear our stories. 
Mike Washington Photography captured these shots of our day…
These women? These women knocked my socks off with their humor, candor, wit and generosity.
Hey, lookiloo! I shed my yoga pants and baseball cap for big girl clothes!

The walk to the microphone can be the longest walk ever…gulp.
Knowing that my mother and sister were in the audience calmed my nerves. If no one else laughed, I knew I could count on them to throw me a pity laugh. 
During my reading, I heard the unmistakable laugh of an old friend from high school. I was so happy to see that Mike captured this shot of my friend. My cup runneth over.

The LTYM 2014 videos will be released this summer. Until then, you can check out previous clips HERE
Thank you to everyone who brought LTYM shows to life and thank you to everyone who sat in the audience- nodding and smiling your support at us. 

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Funny Stuff Mom Says...

Happy Mother's Day…

 "Funny Shit Stuff Mom Says!"

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pink and Gray with HUGE Jewelry- An Ode To Mrs. Jordan

*Running this oldie but goodie for Teacher Appreciation week. Mrs. Jordan inspired me. Who was the "Mrs. Jordan" in your life? 

My fifth grade teacher changed the trajectory of my life with one small sentence- "You should run for student council, people like you."
Her name was Mrs. Jordan, and I adored her.  She was almost six feet tall.
I once overheard my mother say that Mrs. Jordan wore "city clothes".  Whenever I see the pink and gray color combination, I always think of Mrs. Jordan.  She used to wear a pink and gray pantsuit with HUGE jewelry.
We didn't know where one might buy "city clothes."  We just knew that she did not get her wardrobe at the Kmart like the rest of us.  (In Indiana, we like to put "the" in front of store names- The Kmart or The Walmart.)
She drove a convertible.
There were rumors that she -gasp- drank beer.
Shocking to those who know me now, I was terribly shy as a child.  I would hide behind furniture if guests came a callin'.  I am deaf in one ear and feared not being able to follow small talk so I said nothing.
So...when Mrs. Jordan spoke those fateful words to little ole me, I was shocked.  Had I heard her correctly?  I didn't think anyone knew my name, much less liked me!  I couldn't believe that she saw me that way.
Even if I had zero votes for student council, I vowed not to let down my idol.
I spent the next 7 years on student council.  I pushed myself to speak to others- loud enough for them to actually hear me!  Now, I just tell people to "speak up, I'm deafer than a doornail!"  (another Indiana favorite!)
This tablescape was especially nostalgic for me.  I used my mother's pink depression glass, my mother-in-law's old china and VOILLA!  There she was.
As I was looking through my camera lens, all that pink and gray made me think of Mrs. Jordan.
I'm a teacher.  I'm almost six feet tall.  I wear big jewelry.  I like my beer.  And, according to my son, I am a "really good talker."

"Pink and Gray with HUGE Jewelry" is so Mrs. Jordan!

AND...I especially enjoy drinking my beer out of these fancy teacups.

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