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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Green Beer & St. Patrick's Day Decorating

My idea of decorating for St. Patrick's Day looks a little something like this:
Not so for my friends. 
While I'm putting green food coloring in my Bud Light, they are pulling out their fancy green and white china. 
Take a lookiloo at Tracy's dining room.

Tracy nabbed this Neiman-Marcus vintage set on an estate sale outing.

How about you? Do you go all out for St. Patrick's Day or just enjoy a green beer?

*Repost from 2014
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A House Tour and Outtakes...

*This oldie but goodie was originally posted in 2012

Remember my neighbor, friend and decorator extraordinaire, Karen Devine
Within weeks of each other, Karen and I both turned Forty-licious. 
Karen celebrated her birthday on a warm, sunny beach with an ocean view. 
I was happy for her. Really. 
In our neighborhood, many neighbors have keys to each other's homes. We housesit for each other. We let out the dog on those long work days. We take in the paper and check the mail and shovel the walk while you are on a freaking beach in Florida.
I was happy for her. Really.
Karen graciously agreed to let me share her home with all of you!
Please join me for a tour of Karen's lovely home. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the outtakes.)

The foyer

The living room (and Maggie dog)

The powder room

The dining room

The breakfast nook

                                                     And, upstairs we go!

How much do I love grasscloth wallpaper?

                                                        Up we go- again!

The master suite

These portrait silhouettes are from their France.

This week, I will be sharing more pictures from Karen's home. ("Tips on how to be functional and purdy")

I've been reading a lot about "How to be a better blogger in 2012!" 
Sarah from A Beach Cottage, one of my favorite bloggers, encouraged others to blog in their own voice.  Leave your footprint on your posts, so to speak. is a peek behind the scenes of this house tour. 

Karen has lots of make-up to play with!

What a liquor collection!

Wow, all this work makes a girl thirsty!

Karen's not the only one rockin' her bikini in January!
I even managed to fit in a few sit-ups on Karen's diving board!

I was so happy to warm up in Karen's robe...with her booze...with her her bed.

Planning a trip? I'm available…call me.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Reluctant Valentine

You may have read yesterday's "Bad Blogger Confession" that I have never, ever, not once decorated for Valentine's Day. 
Valentine's Day is well...lovie dovie. I dare say that my husband and I have never, ever, not once been described as lovie dovie. 
During the sharing of peace at church, we share a fist bump. 
We make fun of each other and doting is never acceptable behavior. can imagine the ribbing I took for this tablescape. 
I gave lovie dovie a try.
Here is my attempt at a lovie dovie tablescape for two.

The cost for this entire tablescape?  $0...nuttin', nada. Just the battle of the dust bunnies to dig out pink and red goodies!

Are you team lovie dovie or team fist bump?

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